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Aircraft Finishing System

Shot Peening Dust Collector

Aquest Corporation provided a heavy-duty industrial dust collection system for a specialty metal and high-grade alloy revert management facility

Aircraft Finishing System

VTL Oil Mist Collector

Aquest Corporation provided a high-quality oil mist filtration system including the design and installation of a custom vent hood for a manufacturing facility's vertical turning lathe (VTL).

Aircraft Finishing System

Industrial Cross Draft Spray Paint Booth

New Jersey

Aquest Corporation was awarded a high-profile contract to provide a 20' wide. 20' tall, 100' long spray paint booth by Holtec International in New Jersey.

Fiberglass Dust Collector

Food-Grade Dust Collector


Aquest Corporation utilized numerous food grade versions of the MicroAir RP-1 Twister at a food manufacturer in CT.

Fiberglass Dust Collector

Acoustical Barrier


Aquest Corporation supplied SOUND SEAL'S industrial-grade composite acoustical barrier and absorber material to construct a sound barrier wall to contain nuisance off-site noise at a power plant in Massachusetts.

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