Industries Served


Aquest offers the Aerospace industry large-scale paint spray, powder coating systems, and custom dust collection systems.

Food Processing

Aquest has custom solutions for dust collection systems and high-vacuum extractors that can be used in the food processing industry.

Additive Manufacturing

Aquest offers the most efficient wet dust collectors designed specifically for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing.

Metalworking & Machining

Aquest’s offers wet and dry dust collectors as well as collectors designed specifically for combustible metal dusts.


Aquest Corporation has the tools to assist with eliminating smoke and process dust that can occur in foundries.

Robotics & Automation

From Mist Collection/Filtration to Dust Collection – Aquest has solutions for Medical Device & Robotics manufacturers.

Industrial Paint & Blasting

Paint booths, abrasive blasting booths, air-filtration, and dust collection solutions for Industrial Paint and Blasting applications.

Woodworking Paper & Corrugated

Keep dust from paper and paper products at bay. Aquest has efficient & compact dust collection systems.

Textiles Processing

Aquest is your best source for dust collection systems to aid in keeping work environments safe in the textile industry.