Combustible Metal Dust

For aerospace components, metal instruments, custom metal parts, and other processes that produce dangerous dust.

Robotics & Factory Automation

In todays manufacturing industry automation and robotic integration are considered “common place,”


Paint Spray & Blast Media

Paint booth, spray booths and blast media require more than just worker safety equipment, they need a safe environment.

Machining Mist & Fumes

 Aquest’s experience will ensure that you get a system that is designed specifically for your machining needs and environment.

Plasma & Laser

Aquest offers system solutions that may include fume extractors to provide quality air for your workers.

Toxic Gas & Odor

From landfill gas scrubbers, process fume scrubbers and weld booths, Aquest has solved many toxic gas and odor issues.

Indoor Air Contaminants

Indoor air quality is important for a healthy workplace and Aquest can ensure that your facility meets OSHA requirements.

Dust Collection

Dust is a by-product of many manufacturing processes from grinding, milling, machining, woodworking, and plastics forming.

Wood Product Dust

Sawdust and fiberboard require both a containment and filtration system to provide quality air for your workers.