Our Products

Providing industrial air filtration solutions for all applications.

Aquest is pleased to offer “off-the-shelf” industrial air filtration solutions to meet all requirements. “Custom” solutions are considered for challenging and unique process applications. Our engineering staff has over 80 years of experience and no project is too small or too large. From unitary design on a single machining center to a process wide environmental control system, Aquest offers the experience and the capabilities.

Dust Collectors

Aquest provides dust collection solutions for all industrial sectors and dust types (e.g. wood, metal, composite, organic, etc.).

Explosion & Fire Protection

Aquest offers over 35 years of experience with explosive or high hazardous particulate abatement.

Oil Mist Collectors

Aquest provides a full line of solutions designed to control oil- and water-based CNC machining mists and fumes

Wet Dust Collectors

Aquest provides wet collectors to control aluminum, titanium, magnesium, and other combustible metals and alloys.

High Vacuum Extraction

Aquest provides high-vacuum systems to control fumes, dusts, smoke and toxic vapors generated by plasma and laser manufacturing processes.

Gas Phase Scrubbers

Aquest provides various types of dry media adsorption systems to control gas-phase vapor and pollutants.

Ambient Air Cleaners

Aquest provides ambient air cleaning systems to “polish” indoor air to control fume, weld smoke, dust and oil mist.

Wood Products Collectors

Aquest provides dust collectors designed to control wood dust generated by woodworking operations.

Controlled Air Booths

Aquest has designed and installed numerous controlled air systems to isolate dust producing processes from other facility areas.

Portable Dust Collectors
Aquest have utilized portable dust & fume collectors in many applications to allow facilities with dynamic work environments.

Downdraft Tables

Aquest provides a full line of downdraft tables designed to contaminants down and away from an operator’s breathing zone.

Paint & Blast Booths

Aquest provides manufacturers with “turnkey” installation of small- and large-scale paint spray and abrasive blasting systems.