Product Solutions: Toxic Gas & Odor

Gas Phase Scrubbers

Aquest Corporation has provided various types of dry media adsorption systems to control gas-phase vapor and pollutants (e.g. volatile organic compounds [VOC], chlorine [Cl], hydrogen sulfide [H2S], etc.).

Aquest offers gas-phase scrubbers to suit a wide variety of needs; whether it be a 500 CFM single source scrubber, or a 50,000 CFM multi-source control system. The gas/vapor mixture passes through a bed of dry adsorbent media. The pollutants are removed from the air stream by adhering to (and getting trapped within) the highly porous surface of the adsorption media. The cleaned gas is then exhausted to the atmosphere, or to a process. Aquest provides complete turn-key installation and media change out services for filtration systems.

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