Product Solutions: Machining Mist & Fumes

Oil Mist Collectors

Aquest Corporation provides a full line of solutions designed to control machining mists and fumes, which pose a significant health and safety issue for CNC machining centers.

Additionally, accumulation of uncontrolled machining mist presents a housekeeping nightmare. Aquest Corporation offers a wide variety of oil mist collection arrangements, including: individual machine mounted units, centralized systems to collect from multiple machines, and ceiling-hung ambient air cleaning units. We pride ourselves in providing the correct unit to suit any customer’s unique design constraints. OSHA and NIOSH limit indoor oil mist concentrations to 5 mg/m3; the Aquest line of mist collection solutions are always designed to exceed these limits.

A fully ducted high-powered mist filtration system is something to consider when you are evaluating the overall air quality control systems in your machining facility.

Vertical Turning Lathes (VTL) present a very challenging mist collection opportunity.  Aquest designs our own lightweight aluminum canopy hoods that move with the travel of the door so that the machine can be loaded and unloaded normally.  This allows your operations personnel to be completely protected and continue to do their work as normal.

A robotic application that uses coolant on a finishing belt can be done with a source capture filtration system or an above canopy style hood.  This hood is completely integrated with its own lights filters and controls.

Industrial metal machining chip wash lines create a lot of high temperature detergent mist.  This can be better controlled by integrating a properly sized, industrial grade mist filtration system where the mist is being generated. Featuring 3000 CFM and HEPA return air with an overall filter service life of over 3 years.

Swiss screw machines are an obvious place to put a high efficiency and low maintenance 1:1 filtration system.  From 400-10,000 cfm systems, Aquest has the perfect coolant mist filtration product to fit your application.  Design, Built and Installed

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