VTL Oil Mist Collector

AQUEST CORPORATION provided a high-capacity oil mist filtration system including the design and installation of a custom vent hood for a manufacturing facility’s vertical turning lathe (VTL). The 2,500 CFM mist collector provides 4-stage filtration; the 1st stage consists of a mechanical baffled separation element, the 2nd stage is a metal agglomeration weave filter, the 3rd stage is a pleated fiberglass filter, and the 4th stage is a highly-efficient (i.e. 99.97% @ 0.3 micron) HEPA after-filter. Aquest provided full design and installation services for the unit and a custom hood that needed to be large enough to achieve proper capture
efficiency, and at the same time be retractable to allow for parts to be loaded in and out of the VTL via a gantry crane.